Monday, June 09, 2008

Grand Champeen Peach Prince

Child-to-be, your father is a true champ. A peach. A prince among men.

While I've been incapacitated by exhaustion and a physiognomy that causes rolling over to take a twelve-point turn and rising to be a six-step process, he has:

1) Coddled me
2) Fed me
3) Tolerated my crankiness
4) Carted me around to satisfy insane cravings for pig cookies and Beck's near beer
5) Painted the nursery
6) Listened to me snore like a horse
7) Affixed the car seats
8) Assembled the crib
9) Stroked my hair
10) Constructed furniture
11) Did the laundry
12) Installed a ceiling fan!!
13) After I took an unfortunate stumble Saturday night, stayed awake with me until 2:30 at the hospital while the doctor's monitored your well being and unplugged me from the monitor every five minutes so I could pee.
14) Too too many other things to even mention
15) Smiled sweetly and loved me all the while

How did we get to be so lucky, kid?


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