Wednesday, April 23, 2008

lullabye and goodnight

Poor you.

That's right.


After a days long pity party, I'm feeling magnanimous and sympathetic toward you. That is, if you are among the blissfully ignorant throngs who regularly and/or easily get a good night's sleep.

You squander your blessings. You dismiss your bounty. You neglect and even abuse the gifts given to you. Some of you even have the gall to tell me that you're jealous of me because I can - read: HAVE TO - squeak by on 5 or 6 hours a night most nights.

But you, poor deluded masses, have no idea ...

You cannot fathom ...

I'm telling you, it is inconceivable to you ...

The triumphant surge of happiness rushing through my very core, the celestial pleasure, the transports of joy I experience on those rare mornings when I arise feeling well rested.

Poor you.


Anonymous Karyn said...

wait until you have the baby!

2:07 PM


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