Thursday, November 09, 2006

another LIAR!!

So I might have actually harbored some paranoid fantasies that our whole voting system was rigged and I'm glad to be proven wrong. But this quote from Rush Limbaugh, reported by Andrew Sullivan, might fuel a whole new set of 'em.

I never thought people like Limbaugh might not believe what they were saying.

Is this why our country is in such a mess? Because people are willing to sacrifice their integrity for the sake of victory?

Democrats/liberals/progressives do it too. I know that. I know people who hate the war but are willing to vote for Hillary "Hawk" Clinton for president because she's a woman.

Fuck that, man.

We need to have a real conversation about shit in this country. Not silent acquiesence for and especially not disingenous promotion of abhorrent policies in support of our goddamn team.

It seems only natural for party hacks and apathetic types to resort to this, but when our so-called free press does it too, it just breaks my heart. More importantly, it makes it that much harder to ensure good governance.