Friday, February 20, 2009

25 businesses likely to thrive during the WEDSGD

1. car repair shops

2. shoe repair shops

3. dollar stores

4. comfort food purveyors

5. career advice specialists

6. resume writing services

7. movie theaters

8. strip joints

9. pornographers

10. libraries (if they could be for profit)
11. book stores

12. thrift stores

13. check cashing & payday loan places

14. pawn shops

15. knock off purveyors

16. outlet stores

17. fences (not the wooden kind)

18. cigarette companies

19. lottery vendors

20. gum manufacturers

21. con men

22. lawyers for investment bankers

23. providers of cheap indulgences
I'm trying to think of some good examples. This would be things that seem luxurious, help the person feel spoiled, but actually don't cost very much. Like cupcakes. I imagine that the cupcake business will continue to thrive.

24. ghost busters

25. underwear


Blogger Anne Uumellmahaye said...

I think I'll open up a Pawn Shop/Dollar Store/Pornography Studio. Get desperate people to sell me their stuff. When they don't pay back the loan, (because come on, that bunch of shiftless bastards?) I'll sell the stuff to poor people for 1 dollar. Crap. That won't work. OK, maybe just porn. There's always money in that.

1:32 PM

Blogger ryan said...

Most of it I get, but bookstores? Who's buying books....? No one I know. Including me. Libraries, sucka.

11:15 PM


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