Monday, June 22, 2009


It has been almost a year since the BBB* was born.

Yesterday, we were at the swimming pool and I was reminiscing about the days leading up to his birth. I'd go to the pool just to get a little relief from gravity. I remembered the ache and the swell, the feeling of bursting at my seams both physically and emotionally. Such discomfort!

Then the strangest thought occurred to me:

"This hasn't been that hard. It has just been a year. A year of struggles but nothing insurmountable. Obviously, since we're here in the pool with a laughing baby in our arms."

And then I shared that thought with my husband and we both cackled at the absurdity of it.

*BBB is our new, more socially acceptable substitute for "bubba." It is prounounced "buhbuhbuh."

When ashamed of evidence of your country-bumpkin antecedents, add a syllable. It works every time!