Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the biggest losers

Who are the biggest losers in the WEDSGD?

And by losers, I mean the "big L bouncing off their foreheads" kind, not the "bereft of their funds and possessions" kind.

Is it really the homeowners who got loans bigger than they could afford? The people who are going to need a $75 billion bailout?

Or is it the investment banks who got loans - on Wall Street they call it "leverage" - bigger than they could afford, to the tune of a $800 billion bailout?

Give me a fucking break, you finger waggers. All those people who got those bad loans were at best being duped by mortgage brokers they thought they could trust and at worst were following your fucking lead.

And ***YOU*** were making money off of them.

Fuck you.

(And also fuck you to the media and the left/moderates for not pointing that out more often.)


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