Tuesday, August 01, 2006

flip a bitch

I flip a bitch at least once a day.

Some days, I flip three or four bitches in a row before I can even leave for work.

That's not to say that a line of nasty ladies parade past my house every morning and I feel compelled to give them the finger. Although we do live in a neighborhood where some angry-looking ladies parade, we try to stay on good terms with them.

No, "to flip a bitch" is to make a u-turn. While people generally use this expression in the car, it seems appropriate whenever you have to turn around.

Examples include:

At home, heading out for work: "Oh, shit. I forgot my lunch." "Dammit, my phone!" "Oh God! The dog!" "Did I leave the oven on?"

At work, heading to a meeting: "Where am I going again?" "You need that, too?" "A pen would be helpful."

And, of course, in the car: Most of the above plus "That was the turn? ... thanks."

The word "bitch" is reserved for mean, ugly, difficult things. When I think about flipping one, I imagine giving the bird to a mean lady or using a spatula to smack down a snarling dog lunging at me from the bottom of an iron skillet.

But when you hear someone else use that expression, you can tell that they consider the task of flipping a bitch an onerous one.

I really hope you've never heard this expression before, this flipping of bitches. But now that you have, you can probably see that it says alot about how our society views error and the correction of error.

Out of time. Tune in later for more.


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