Friday, February 02, 2007

Little. Known.

I'm trying to write something and it gets lumpy before I can finish. I'm not giving up but to tide you over in the meantime, I'm stealing an idea from Nicebelt's friend Little Marvel Stove.

Five little known facts about yours truly:

1) When my eighth grade class went to DC for a class trip, the teachers asked me to be one of four students who laid a wreath on the Unknown Soldier's Grave. This still counts among the proudest moments of my life.

2) In my early twenties, I briefly considered a career in the military. Shortly thereafter (ie within 30 seconds), I also considered joining the police force.

3) I love Third Eye Blind although I don't own any of their records.

4) This is hard. I talk about myself too much to think of enough little known facts.

Oh shit! That's not little known.

5) If I were middle-school aged today, I might end up getting charged with "threatening an act of terrorism." I was so miserable most of the time that I sometimes wrote stories about blowing up the school and chuckling as I sifted through the debris for signs of my enemies' demise.


Anonymous mark said...

I love the 3EB song "How's It Gonna Be". The video too.

They are playing in a locked lobby, and Stephen Jenkins is singing to an office girl in the other room throug glass, and he is emoting and puts his hand on the camera.

A little known thing about me is that that song/video really pulls at my heartstrings.

10:40 PM


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