Tuesday, January 30, 2007

zoom a zoom zoom in a boom boom


Does anybody know how to accent the e on a keyboard? Because that's the word I want to write:

Re-zoo-may. Not resoom.

Although, resoom is a good word for what my re-zoo-may looks like. From a quick glance, you can see how quickly I've always resoomed the job hunt after accepting a job - almost every year of my life for the last 12 years. Maybe if I call it something different, people won't notice the resooming splattered all over it.

The Brits call it Curriculum Vitae. I like that. It makes me sound smart and lively ... as if I've been in school all my life. In fact, maybe that's a good way to spin my professional nomadism:

Curriculum - "To me, each job is an education."

Vitae - "For vitality ..."

Yes, I know that's not what that means. Shut up. How many recruiters know Latin?


Blogger bryan h. said...

To make an accent using a Mac keyboard, hold the option key and hit the E key, then hit E once more without holding option. The result will be an é.

The combination of keys is different, I'm told for PCs. In Word, look at the Insert drop down menu, and select Symbol. A grid with a whole bunch of potential symbols will appear, and it will also show your keyboard short cuts.

9:19 AM

Blogger bryan h. said...

On a PC, the accent might be Shift+Option+(apostrophe).

9:22 AM


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