Thursday, January 18, 2007

princesses and talking animals

Would your 10 year old self be impressed with what you do for a living?

This is the criteria that my husband uses to judge his job. He can answer emphatically: "YES!" He designs movie posters and making-of movie books for a living.

Me, not so much.

After an explanation of technical writing, my 10 year old self would probably scratch her head and say: "You write books though, right?"

Now Me: "mmm ... sort of."

10 Yr Me: "About princesses? And talking animals?"

Now Me: " ... "

10 Yr Me: "And magic cauldrons? And ... and crazy little boys? And ..."

Now Me: "uh ..."

10 Yr Me: "little girls in log cabins during long winter storms ..."

Now Me: "Yes."

(See because, it is OK to lie to children right? Because they're stupid anyways, right? And when my 10 year old self gets to be my age, could she be more dissappointed than I already am?)

When I was little, my mom would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I always answered "Write." As long as I could remember, "write" was the first answer.

What did Mom do? Mom came back with, "OK. What are you going to do for money?"

So now I make money. Plenty of it.

And I write.




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