Monday, January 29, 2007

blindingly fabulous

Does playing "hard to get" work with employers?

I certainly won't find out any time soon. On Friday, I practically slipped in my own drool in the rush to respond to someone who asked for my resume.

Why was I drooling? Was this the non-tech writing career opportunity I've been praying for?


It is still tech writing. It is a tech writing job where I'd truly be my own boss, yes, but that's not a drool-worthy proposition.

I was drooling because their office is downtown. Practically walking distance from my house. Definitely walking distance from a favorite bar.

I also was drooling because - and this is really embarrassing so get ready to cringe - the guy who recommended me was a former co-worker who I thought hated me. I was so thrilled that he respected my work that I nearly slipped in my own drool in the rush to apply for the job and, in the meantime, completely forgot what a pain in the ass this guy was to work with.

And it gets worse ...

My resume was not up to date so I wrote to the recruiter and said "I need a little time to get my resume up to date but here's an old one to tide you over." And then forgot to attach the old resume.

But I didn't realize this until Sunday when I was prepping my new resume and wanted to look at the old one for reference. When I went to my Sent folder, the resume was nowhere to be found. Oy.

(And worse ...)

So I ...

... called the recruiter to apologize.


What is wrong with me?

It is the job-hunting equivalent of calling someone thirteen times the day after you met them.

Off and on for the last year whenever I thought about bailing on my current job, I'd tell myself that I would stay here until something forces me out of it, like:

- Circumstances beyond my control


- Some position so blindlingly fabulous that I become like the Juggernaut in my relentless pursuit of it.

Maybe these silly antics are the work of my subconscious trying to undermine an opportunity that meets neither of these criteria.

Downtown Austin is quite lovely, but most definitely not blindingly fabulous.


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