Thursday, September 14, 2006


How long does it take for a body to process a cup of decaf Starbucks? Because I had one yesterday at 8 am and my eyes are just now starting a long slow retreat back into their sockets.

Four hours of sleep.

I got FOUR hours of sleep last night. Four.

I should be a zombie.

But no, instead I'm all zippity do dah, whistling, and dancing jigs and shit.



(That's what my dad says instead of "Jesus!")

According to some stupid website, a typical cup of regular coffee has 125 milligrams of caffeine in it; decaf coffee has three to four milligrams.

What about Starbucks coffee? Is it special? Hmm???

Guess who doesn't post information about caffeine content on their website?

Right now the tight ropes, trapeze swings, and giant fiery wheels in the three ring circus of my brain are filled to overflowing with crazed, screeching monkeys.

Either that twerp in the green apron gave me the wrong kinda coffee or the twerp who makes all the other twerps wear green aprons sells me shit that still sends my system into a days long Loopty Loo.

Decaf, my ass.


Anonymous Mama said...

this is a test

12:38 PM

Blogger Tamara said...

You make me laugh laugh laugh. Love this post. Checkin out your blog...

7:09 PM


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