Thursday, August 31, 2006

laying low. sitting up straight


It has been awhile, hasn't it?


1) I've been sick and tired. And sick. And tired. I get a little ... um ... hot under the collar about stuff sometimes which makes sleeping difficult which in turn makes waking difficult and wears down my immune system which ... Thus the whole business of being sick and tired.

2) I prefer writing in this blog to writing technical documentation. I also prefer checking for comments to writing technical documentation. Ok, I prefer almost anything to writing technical documentation. But right now, I need to write technical documentation! Shocking, I know, but true! Time's a wastin'! Clock's a tickin'! I gots deadlines!!

3) Related to #1, my new ambition in life is to follow my own advice. So I've started making myself sit still with my eyes closed for twenty minutes every morning. That's right, folks. Meditation.

4) My other new ambition is to get as close to eight hours of sleep a night as possible. That might sound like a modest goal to some of you but it has always been a challenge for me, even when nobody in the political or work arena is driving me bonkers.

My nights and mornings used to look like this:

Bed time 11ish
Wake up at 3
Toss and turn until 4 or later
Rise and shine at 5:45.
Stumble to medicine cabinet for vitamins
Stumble around with kettle/french press/coffee
Stretch while water boils/coffee brews
Rub Ruby's belly
Drink coffee & write from 6:30 to 7
Work by 9:30 or 10

I just can't squeeze in 30 minutes of writing, 20 minutes of meditation, an hour of exercise, 30 minutes of showering etc, and a 20 minute commute before I have to be at work at 9:30. Bedtime is now 10:30 on the dot and wake-y wake-y starts at 6:30.

Thus, no more blogging in the mornings. I must find some other time to do it.

Shit ... wait a minute. According to that bullshit, I could get up at 7:00 and still make it to work on time with 20 spare minutes for stumbling around. What in the world do I do with my mornings that 20 minutes isn't enough stumbling around time?

OK, enough excuses.

If I don't write in the mornings, it is because I'm laaaazy. And if you don't like that, you can biiiiiiite me!

Love always,
Z. Imbecile


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