Friday, June 29, 2007

good fences make good neighbors

We're having a fence built. Fences are expensive.

Holy mackerel.

Here's a funny joke for you:

So the neighbor says to the new homebuyer, "You should just build that fence yourselves. We'll help. It'll save you alot of money."

I can't keep my clothes on straight. How the fuck am I going to keep a fence post level while the cement that will eternally affix it to the earth is drying? We'd end up with a fence that looked like a third grader's popsicle stick project. But you can throw a popsicle stick project away or at least put it on a bookshelf and find it charming/mock it when the child leaves for college. A future homebuyer isn't going to appreciate it when we elbow him in the ribs and say, "Isn't that cute?" about our crooked-ass fence.


Build our own fence.

Ha ha ha.


Blogger The Fire Next Time said...

Man, these "new homeowner" posts are cracking me up! Keep em coming.

10:47 AM

Blogger stacy said...

I've built one fence and fixed two. It's not that hard...really, really it's not.

9:50 AM


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