Friday, June 15, 2007

conversation with God

This morning before we went to close on the house, we decided that God had something special in mind for us. Something like:

God: Go forth and give all your money to Hank Azaria.

Us: But God, we don't know Hank Azaria!

God: Well then, find someone who looks like him.

(Luckily, the builder of the home we decided to buy looks exactly Hank Azaria.)

Us: OK God, we're giving all our money to a man who looks like Hank Azaria. What do we get in return?

God: All your hopes and dreams for the future will be crushed.

Us: ... Man!

God: That is my will.

Us: ... C'mon!

God: OK. Nevermind.

Us: ...

God: Gawl! Can't you take a joke!?!


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