Wednesday, May 09, 2007

indictment of an imbecilic interloper

A body can only devour so much psychobabble. At some point, it is stuffed beyond comprehension and no more will fit.

At the same time, it always is much easier to swallow something when you've asked for it than it is when someone crams it down your gullet.

In other words, nobody wants to hear your lame psychological theories, so shut up.


I'm sorry. That was rude. Let me start again.


Having had a very strong negative reaction toward Anonymous's response to my divorce post, I felt the need to look more deeply into it in hopes that exploring these reactions might provide a little insight into my psychological makeup.

Those reactions follow, in order of arrival:

1. What?! Who the fuck are you, Anonymous? Get out of my shit.

2. Probably the Ex, sneaking around behind his new wife's back to look me up. Typical.

3. He's such a fucking narcisist, making it all about him. Physically incapable of seeing another person's point of view. Whatever it was in our relationship, it was always about him not me.

4. Wait. What if it is from someone who cares about me, who wants me to feel better by saying "It was about him, not you."

5. Hmmm ... They still need to fuck off and get out of my shit. This is such a lame excuse for bad behavior. Just apologize. No need to get all "psychological" on my ass.

6. Yeah, but you "get psychological" on people's asses all the fucking time. Why can't anybody else?

7. Because I didn't ask them to. There are only two times when it is socially acceptable to get psychological on someone's ass. Time number one is when they ask you to. Time number two is when you're talking behind their backs.

8. That's rude.

9. Shut up.

10. Besides, who ever asked you?

11. We're losing track of the point here.

12. You're being evasive because you can't defend yourself.

13. The point is ... Shit. What was the point?

14. Besides, you're the one who wrote the post so that anyone on God's green earth could read and reply to it.

15. Shut your hole. I can't think!


Having reviewed these responses, I have come to the following conclusion:

I'm an imbecile and noone should listen to me.


Also, while it is fun and interesting to get psychological on someone's ass, it may cause the other person to seriously consider spitting on you.

Even if what you say is true.


Especially if it's true.


Lastly, Philip Roth is right. Living is about getting - not just people but - everything wrong.

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Blogger The Fire Next Time said...

When I first started reading this post, I thought it was directed towards me because of my response about your grief stages.

Whew! off the hook.

10:30 AM


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