Thursday, May 03, 2007


I dance like a cowgirl who doesn't know she can't work a rope.

Tractorfacts- "A bird continually trying to fly through a reflective window."

What about you?

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Blogger bryan h. said...

i don't dance. at the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show last weekend, some stranger tried getting me to dance. it didn't work.

10:40 AM

Blogger karen said...

The other night Ralph was downloading all this music and I was in the kitchen baking, swaying my hips and dancing as I mixed and stirred.
Then last night I saw a modern dance performance and came home and did interpretive modern/ballet/karen dance for him.

1:57 PM

Blogger Kat Candler said...

mark actually dances like his mom. exactly like his mom. i discovered it at a baseball game when she was getting down and noticed she did the same shoulder dance that mark does. it was cute.

as for me. sometimes like molly ringwald from the breakfast club, sometimes like julia stiles from save the last dance. or at least i try.

2:19 PM

Blogger Anne Uumellmahaye said...

I dance by myself. I’ve been the only one on the dance floor on a slow night at the disco or at a party full of shoe gazers or in my living room dipping and swaying my cat Sailor (who preferred hip-hop and R&B).

I dance with my friends. We trade riffs on the dances of our youth -- the pony, the freak, the robot, the david byrne arm-chop, the jordache, the smurf -- while fending off drunk assholes who try to crash our party on their pussy-quest.

I dance with Clint. We have been known to drink to much and make a spectacle of ourselves with our slightly lewd nobody-puts-baby-in-a-corner-dirty-dancing style.

I once played quarters and hit the shot three times in a row - so I made a rule. I decreed that those of us playing that night had to start dancing the minute we heard the Jackson 5 -- for the rest of our lives. No one hit the shot three times in a row again that night, so it's a rule I still try to follow, and I think my old friend (who I had sort of a falling out with later) does too. (Here's to ABC, Liz. I wish you well, wherever you are.)

3:05 PM

Blogger The Fire Next Time said...

I dance most heartily in the kitchen, music blaring, while I'm preparing some sort of food item. I love to shake my head back and forth, throw my hands in the air and shake my hips like God intended.

I'm not sure how you'd describe it, however. Interprative (sp?), maybe?

3:18 PM

Blogger Stacy said...

I lead with my shoulders and my hips kinda catch up. My hips don't lie, ya know? When I'm at home, I love to do hip hop moves, especially since I watched that movie about the teen hip hop dancers. In high school I was in drill team and I can still kick over my head, but I don't put kicks in my dances, not anymore, people don't understand it, it freaks them out...

3:39 PM


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