Monday, June 26, 2006

Johnny said doo doo



Mom. Mom. Mom.

Mom. Mom. Mom mom mom mom mom.

Mom! Dicky! Mom. Mom. Dicky ... Mom! MOM! Dicky let ... MOM! MOM!

Dicky let Al Zarqawi get away twice before he finally kilt him. Mom, he did it on purpose.

Among people with children and people who have been children, 60% agree: tattle tale-ing is bad.

40% of those polled point out that you have to "tell" if someone's well-being is in danger. Others argue that it is OK to tell on someone if that person was behaving in a destructive or unethical way.

GB: Mom. Mom. Billy took a bribe. I saw.

WJ: But! Mommy!!!!!!! Georgie came into MY ROOM! You told me he wasn't ALLOWED and HE DID IT ANYWAYS!!!!!!!! If I get in trouble, he should get in trouble too.

But those who came out against tattle tales had some good points to make. It sets up a power play among the children and between the children and the adults. It is addictive. It prevents the children from working out problems on their own and causes them to pay more attention to the behavior of others than their own.

JK: Mom. Mom! MOM! MAW-AM!!!!!

JK: Mom. Georgie cut veteran's benefits by 15%.

GB: MOM!!!!!! Liar! Mom! He's lying!!! MOM! I swear he's lying! I swear. Cross my heart. I actually increased veteran's benefits more than Willy. By 27%. Swear to God. I mean, swear to ... um ... . I swear!!

It is also extremely irritating.


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