Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ten things I love about you

1) My best friend is in the cube next door.

2) An open bowl full of dark chocolates sits a few doors over.

3) I have a view of the woods.

4) I have an easy commute.

5) Everybody is likable.

(3 minutes pass ...)

6) My boss is remote!

(5 minutes pass ...)

7) The next major release is still a long way off so I've got plenty of time to screw around, web surf, and work on personal projects.

(5 more minutes pass ...)

8) I'm coordinating a joint project with my team mates and it requires skills I'm quite proud of like consensus-building. (yikes! Did I just write that? I sound like a complete dork)

(this is starting to get difficult)

9) I get a fat paycheck every two weeks. This job pays incredibly well. I mean, it is scary how much money I make. You might hate me if you knew. I'm kind of a thrifty and low maintenance person so I actually save alot. That means I could comfortably take a big pay cut but it is so nice to watch that nest egg become a massive freak of nature in such a short period of time.

(ah, this last one is easy again)

10) Sometimes I get a writing project that I can actually sink my teeth into. Sometimes I write something I know is going to be read and I know it is going to be of use to someone. That's what motivates me - knowing, or at least being able to imagine, that what I write will be read and valued by the person reading it.


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